Dynamations are dynamic animations produced by Kids4Christ which is a Christian ministry not associated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  The content in these videos has been found valuable for understanding Bible events.

Dynamations--Creation Creation:  The true creation story.
Dynamations--The watchmaker The watchmaker:  Our Creator.
Dynamations--Lady Lucy Lady Lucy:  A challenge to evolution.
Dynamations--One One:  The heart of Christianity.
Dynamations--Chosen Chosen:  About the Israelites.  There is a quiz on the 10 commandments in this Dynamation that will confuse a Lutheran. Please note that some churches number the 10 commandments differently than the Lutheran church. What we consider the first commandment is divided into two, so our 1st commandment is their 1st and 2nd commandment; our 2nd commandment is their 3rd commandment, etc. These churches then combine our 9th and 10th commandments into their 10th commandment.
Dynamations--The arrival The arrival:  The birth of Christ.
Dynamations--Life of Christ Life of Christ:  Scripture passages related to Christ's life.
Dynamations-Before Before:  God's love and purpose for every child begins before birth.
Dynamations--Contact Contact:  God speaks through His Word.
Dynamations--Memorial Memorial:  Dedicated to the lives lost on 9/11//2001.