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WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) ministries
Christian Life Resources: Educates people on what God’s Word has to say about the value and sanctity of human life.
Jesus Cares Ministries: Assists congregations in reaching out to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Lutheran Women's Missionary Society: Increases awareness and support of the mission outreach of the WELS.
The Lutheran Home Association: Provides quality health care, housing and support services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
WELS Kingdom Workers: Exists to make disciples according to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions: Faith based counseling for Lutherans.
Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries: Brings the message of Jesus Christ to people in prisons, jails, hospitals, treatment centers, nursing homes, juvenile detention centers and mental health facilities.

WELS ministries locator
WELS locator: Find WELS churches, schools and organizations.

WELS ministries to youth
Camp Phillip: A year-round facility in central Wisconsin for WELS youth, adults, families, churches and schools.
Lutheran Pioneers: A Christ-centered youth program for boys of the WELS.
Lutheran Girl Pioneers: A Christ-centered youth program for girls of the WELS.

WELS musicians / artists
Branches Band
Chris Driesbach
Cross to Glory
Daniel Dexter
Jonathon Roberts
Michael Armstrong
Michael Schroeder
Mike Westendorf
Spark and Echo
Stephen Bautista
Susan Ann

WELS resources
Discovering my spiritual gifts: An assessment tool designed to help you identify your spiritual gifts.
Forward in Christ: A monthly magazine that addresses key issues facing Christians today.
WELS: The home page of the church body to which we belong.
WELS Connect: Additional resources for WELS called workers and congregational leaders.
WELS Parents Crosslink: A quarterly publication that strengthens and encourages Christian parents.
WELS Q & A: Questions with answers given by WELS pastors and professors.
WELS Streams: WELS internet media database.
WELS Streams videos: WELS internet video database.
WELS Together: Informs WELS members biweekly of the work going on in their church body.
WELS subscriptions: Sign up to receive a variety of WELS subscriptions via email.
WELS.net University: An online learning environment to support the training and documentation needs of the WELS.

WELS schools
Luther Preparatory School: A WELS high school that prepares young people for a lifetime of service in the church.
Martin Luther College: The WELS college of ministry which trains future pastors, teachers and staff ministers.
Wisconsin Lutheran College: A Lutheran liberal arts college affiliated with the WELS.
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary: Offers theological training that prepares men to enter the pastoral ministry of the WELS.

WELS bookstore
Northwestern Publishing House

Other Christian resources
GodVine: A Christian video website that focuses on uplifting, encouraging and inspiring you in your daily life.